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Haven is the only Human stronghold within the wilderness.  Located on a promontory jutting out into the ocean Haven has a strong defensive position. In order to meet the demands of its growing population for food several smaller farming and hunting settlements has grown up over the past few hundred years.  The inhabitants of these fortified villages seek refuge behind the high walls of the town when faced with dangers greater than their limited strength to repel.

Haven has come to represent both the town and the surrounding 'humanised' farm and woodlands. And within reason is thought of as a peaceful and safe region to travel.

As with all Human settlements many individuals have developed skills both honest and nefarious that both aid and hinder those living within the walls of the town.  Indeed there appears to be no restriction on the career a human can choose.

Further information on the realms around haven can be found by selecting items from the menu bar to the left.  Classes, Races and Guilds are self explanatory, character explains the system used to represent you within the lands and a detailed list of attributes and skills is available to give you an idea of the scope of the system.


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